FAQ RX-8 WS AEM Kit installation Help

Remove the negative pole from the battery. Then remove the air filter box and suction hose.
Disassemble the old ignition coils, holder and ignition cable.
In order to get closer to the plug of the spark plugs, it makes sense to screw the left wheel down at the front.

Please always make sure that the firing order is correct!
Therefore mark the connectors with an edding when removing them.

Cable Scheme:

The scheme must be done exactly the same way for the AEM coils, otherwise the ignition cables are too short!

Mount the ignition coil holder with the 4 short spacer sleeves without coils with the 3 screws M6 wrench size 10 supplied
Always screw the earth plug (-) ENG either to the inner holder screw or to one of the ignition coil bolts from the holder and earth (-) BAT to the (-) battery pole.

First mount the AEM ignition coils for leading rear and leading front and make sure that you have the correct adapter and ignition cable assignment
Always spray a little WD40 or Ballistol into the ignition plug, then they will click in nicely.

Insert lthe 4 long distance sleeves.
Then mount the AEM ignition coils for trailing rear and trailling front, as well as the 4 M6 hexagon nuts

Finally, connect the earth cable (-) BAT to the negative pole of the battery and fix it with a cable tie. Reinstall the negative battery pole to the battery.

Reinstall the suction hose and air filter.
Before starting the engine for the first time with the new coils, Please ALWAYS
calibrate eccentric shaft sensor and delete N-VRam, see here:
ECU NVRAM, KAM, eccentric shaft calibration

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