UPDATE 06-2021:
Pickups by the customer only by appointments possible.
All ordered in stock products are delivered quickly as usual.

The majority of our products come from Asia, Japan, USA.
It is quite possible that the specified delivery times cannot be met.

The effects of the global corona crisis are very clear.

Difficulties with supply chains are the order of the day, as well as getting non-stock items within the usual delivery times.
In particular, manufacturers from the USA and shipping service providers still have problems with replenishment and are lagging behind with order processing due to various local lockdowns.
We can still feel that the manufacturers' warehouses are empty and that the production of new products takes longer than usual.
Often only the smallest components are lacking.

We recommend that you pay attention to the inventory in our shop and only order items that are in stock (green) if possible.
Important to know: If an order from you contains both stock and order products, we do not split them.
The deliveries always go out completely with us, because we assume that the parts always belong to a project section. If in doubt, it is advisable, for example, place 2 orders.

So far there are no significant restrictions on DHL shipments in Germany.
International shipments may experience delays or restrictions due to the current situation.
See link for the latest information of Deutsche Post / DHL